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 Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technologies Co.,  Ltd (Nanjing Tianshi briefly) is located at No 29,  Caofang  Road,  Luhe Development Zone,  Nanjing,Jiangsu Province,P.R. China,covers an area  of 22,000㎡ workshop,  can  produce 9,000 tons  micronized wax, 3,000  tons water-based wax  emulsion, 10,000 tons PE wax and  1,500 tons  oxidized PE wax. Nanjing Tianshi had founded    coating, ink, powder coating, and leather  application based  on  our lab of 2,000㎡, be the  Nanjing municipal engineering technology center,  and  national high-tech  enterprise.   

 Nanjing Tianshi is always the leader inthe industry  of  wax  based on powerful research and manufact  ure   ability, owns  more than 100 sets of  lab  equipments,    and    developed  successfully  over  100 products like    spherical micronized wax,  water-based wax, PTFE  wax,    texture wax, oxidized  wax, wax  emulsion, etc

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  1. 2016/07/22Wax Emulsion
  2. 2016/07/22Wax Dispersion

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  1. 2016/07/22PE wax
  2. 2016/07/22Oxidized PE wax
  3. 2016/07/22FT wax



  1. PEW-0251
  2. PTFE-0104
  3. OE-6102
  4. PEW-0511
  5. PEW-2001
  6. NEW-0401
  7. PPW-0936
  8. PEW-0851
  9. PEW-0601
  10. Twax-2101
  11. Twax-1411
  12. PEW-0602F
  13. Twax-1502
  14. PEWO-0500-15
  15. PEWO-0530
  16. OE-6101
  17. PTFE-1003